Lets take a couple of fictional prospects – Sally and Sara.

Sally is one of those discount coupon aesthetic patients who wants the world for nothing. She responds to price only and complains at every opportunity to claim further concessions. She makes it very difficult for you to meet her demands and sets unreasonable expectations. She is a regular bargain hunter. You probably think you’ll win Sally over and convert her into a regular loyal patient but unfortunately Sally came to you for price and will therefore leave you for price; it’s nearly impossible to build a loyal following of people like Sally.

Sara, on the other hand, is more interested in outcomes and experiences. Sara is willing to pay a fair price to get the desired results, to be looked after, and to feel safe. She most likely found you through her friends because she turns to her friends and family for reassurances rather than fumbling around on the Internet for a deal.

The best strategy is to build a practice database of patients like Sara who know how great you are, trust that you are the best, are glad to pay a fair price for your skills and expertise, and who rave about you to their friends. The secret is to change your focus from how much one procedure is worth to you vs. what is the LIFETIME value of not only of that procedure but the countless OTHER procedures you get when that patient returns again and again and refers their friends and family.

In addition to this, the key is to not to attempt to sell everything to the patient on their first visit. It’s much more valuable to build a long-term relationship and you do that by focusing on what value, benefit, advantage or increased results you can give your patients so they won’t be able to do anything but buy from you – and buy for a lifetime.

One final tip – if you are uncomfortable with the concept of ‘selling’ and ‘promoting’ your services, you may be interested to know that there is a way to do this in a manner that sits perfectly with your values and personality.

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