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An Invitation For…

Success-driven Aesthetic Practitioners and Clinic Owners who are committed to growing and optimising their practice to consistently generate six-figures (or seven figures) in annual turnover.

From: Pam Underdown

I’m passionate about helping aesthetic practitioners and clinic owners to succeed in private practice and enjoy the financial rewards that inevitably follow.

In fact, over the last 15 years I’ve assisted hundreds of people in the above category in growing their patient base, improving the results of their marketing, increasing their profitability and ultimately creating the lifestyle they crave, whilst feeling more supported and in control. They include:

Doctors and GP's...

who want to pursue their dream of owning an aesthetic clinic whilst gradually replacing their full-time income

Nurse Practitioners...

who want to fill their diaries with high-end patients and finally cut the cord with the NHS

Skin and Laser Clinic Owners...

who want to build a highly visible brand and transform their busy ‘job’ into a scalable business


who want to swap fillings for fillers and make waves in the dynamic field of facial aesthetics


who want to expand into the minimally invasive and non-invasive space of aesthetic medicine

...And every other type of scenario you could possibly think of

And over the last 15 years, witnessing countless successes, I’ve come to one conclusion…

…growing a successful aesthetic practice is not about cool ideas and fascinating information. It is about deciding on goals and getting them implemented.

In order to smash through the VAT threshold to six figures and beyond, there are a whole series of things you’re going to need to do. You’ll need to do them all, whether you spend 5 years doing them, 15 years doing them, or 12 months doing them.

So why not get your act together and get them all done in the next 12 months?

Our Services exist to help Aesthetic Practitioners and Clinic Owners to implement and get more done in the next 12 months than you ever thought possible…


Elite Private Mentoring Programme (6-Months or 12-Months)

The more time we spend together in private, the more we can focus purely on getting you to your specific goals in the shortest possible time-frame.

In our initial ‘kick-off’ Zoom session we conduct a high-level appraisal of your business, identify areas that need priority attention, and create a critical action plan outlining what needs to be addressed – and in what order.

Following this we schedule regular ‘implementation support’ sessions to review progress and work through any problems and challenges that crop up in the day to day running of your business. This is typically done as weekly or fortnightly sessions via Zoom, each session being around 90 minutes in duration.

The aim is to keep you focused, motivated and on track to achieving your goals in record time.


Team Training:

Our online training workshops bring together three critical components for galvanising your clinic team.

Training – to show people what to do.

Coaching – to build their desire to improve performance.

Culture – to teach them how to treat clients and colleagues.

We can prepare a bespoke agenda designed to hone a specific skill or enhance your team’s general awareness of best practices in areas such marketing, selling, call handling, customer service, interpersonal communication, competitor analysis, social media for business, and much more.


Success Mastermind:

This is our highest level group mentoring programme created exclusively for our most success-driven clients. Membership is by invitation only.

Our members get together three times a year to discuss their biggest business challenges, celebrate their successes, share their experiences and lend their areas of expertise to each other – unconditionally.

Within this elite group, each member is held accountable to continually improve their business, which creates a supportive environment that maintains the drive and motivation of the business owner.

With fresh perspective and insight from a high-level peer group like this, you’ll accelerate towards your big growth, expansion and improvement goals much faster than you might otherwise have done on your own.

It could save you years of pain and frustration going around in circles, working harder than necessary — and being worn down by it, or missing out on opportunities — by being alone out there.

There is no greater power for you as a business owner than the Power of Association. Who you spend time with, who you listen to and who you take advice from creates your future.

There is an annual membership fee and some membership levels also include private mentoring.


The first step is to click on the button below to complete our short client application form. On receipt, we’ll contact you directly to discuss your needs and walk you through the different options to see which one will be the very best for you.

I can’t wait to see you succeed and am honoured to be the one to help you.

Let’s get going!