Client Reviews and Testimonials

Client Reviews and Testimonials

Happy Clients

If you want to know how we guide and assist our clients to achieve their specific business goals, please watch our client testimonials.

Dr Amy Law
Aesthetic Doctor

“I can honestly say that working with Pam and Adam is the best money I have spent. They helped me to literally double my turnover within 12 months, dramatically increase my number of repeat bookings and new patient bookings, fine tune my approaches to social media and marketing, and save me a lot of money in the process – money that might otherwise have been wasted on expensive marketing agencies or devices that I just didn’t need. Over the last 12 months my business has seen explosive growth – I have had my best year yet – and it’s all down to Pam and Adam”

Dr Mayoni Gooneratne
Medical Director, The Clinic By Dr Mayoni

“The journey I have been on wouldn’t have been possible without Pam and Adam. They helped me to turn around a business that was on the verge of bankruptcy to a business that is highly profitable and very considered in it’s decision making. There’s absolutely no doubt I would not have the quality of life that I enjoy today without their support. Words can’t describe the difference they have made to my business, my life and my family.”

Susie Byass
Clinical Director, Rejuvenating Solutions Limited Medical Aesthetics & Skin Clinic

My default approach to business was to hire people to do all of the tasks I didn’t understand or didn’t enjoy. However, this ultimately led to disappointing results, all because I ‘abdicated’ those responsibilities – and ran the other way! With Pam’s guidance and tuition, I was able to gain a full understanding of every single facet of my business, especially financial management. This means I can now confidently delegate those critical responsibilities and manage the performance of my team much more effectively as we drive the business forward”

Dr Raquel Amado
Medical Director, Dr. Raquel Skin and Medical Cosmetics

“There’s something very reassuring about having a trusted advisor on the other side of the phone to talk through all the most important decisions you have to make to successfully transition from dentistry into facial aesthetics. No more stress. No more sleepless nights. Without ongoing guidance from Pam and Adam, I would have really struggled to make a success of this. I simply couldn’t have done it on my own.”

Sharron Gordon
Owner, The Secret Garden Skin Clinic

“Within 5 months of working with Pam and Adam I was able to step out of that very comfortable little NHS ‘nest’ that I was in to focus purely on growing my own skin clinic – and since then I’ve never looked back. It’s not always easy, but what I absolutely do have is clarity about where I’m going and complete control over what I’m doing. Pam and Adam helped me to dramatically increase the profitability of my business, implement some incredible treatment plans, expand my team and finally cut the cord with the NHS. Their guidance, mentoring and support has been amazing, and there is still so much growth potential to explore. Exciting times ahead!”

Julie Scott
Clinical Director, Facial Aesthetics Essex

“Before I joined Pam’s programme I felt swamped, overwhelmed, overworked and so frustrated I that I couldn’t progress my clinic any further. This programme gave me all of the tools, support and clarity that I needed to step things up a level and play a much bigger game. I now feel lighter and I feel invigorated to know that we finally have help on board. You really need to ask for help sooner rather than later – that’s the advice I would give to my younger self if I could go back in time.”

Dr Eithne Brenner

“Working together with Pam and her programme has been our clinic’s best decision by far. She will challenge you to critically evaluate your business and take those vital steps to ensure the success you know you want and deserve. We have saved so much time and effort in having her distilled wisdom and resources in such a clear programme, and have been invigorated by her enthusiasm, knowledge and passion for improvement.”

Charles East and Lydia Badia
Consultant Surgeons, Rhinoplasty London

“Medical training does nothing to prepare you for the world of business. So it’s essential to get someone to look at what you’re doing – objectively from the outside. We’re delighted to have met Pam, because she really did open our eyes in terms of how best to develop our new practice.”

“It has actually made us better doctors, because we are more focussed and able to spend more quality time with our patients”

Dr Shirin Lakhani
Elite Aesthetics

“When I first met Pam, I was feeling very stressed and worn out from travelling extensively to work in multiple clinics owned by various colleagues. Something needed to change as I was approaching point of burn out. With Pam’s assistance, I was able to re-focus my time and attention on building my own brand together with my husband who has since come on board full-time. Under the guidance of Pam, we were able to build a thriving clinic together, whilst restoring a healthy work life balance.”

Dr Ian Strawford
Skin Excellence Clinics

“I have been very fortunate to start a new journey to ‘re-brand’ myself under the guidance and tutelage of Pam. She has enormous insight in to the aesthetic industry and a wealth of experience in marketing strategy and advertising especially embracing the world of social media. Oh and she is a genuinely nice and honest person, catch her while you can!”

Tawa Dowling
Aesthetic Nurse Prescriber, TD Aesthetics

“Thanks to Pam and Adam I now have a much better understanding of how to increase revenue and profit without obsessively trying to get more new patients through the door. My breakthrough came when I realised I could drive my business forward simply by finding better ways to delight and serve my existing patients again and again. As a consequence, my retention rate and average spend per patient has increased significantly over the last 12 months (this really is the key to working smarter not harder.) The decision to work with Pam and Adam was the best investment I’ve ever made in my business.”​

Vicky Cooney
RGN NIP, Cosmedica Beauty

“Pam gave me the tools that I needed in order to grow my clinic and make it more successful. We have completely re-branded the business and are now much more familiar with how to advertise our services effectively, especially through social media. I’ve finally got a handle on all the finances and know exactly how much is costs us to run the clinic. I feel so much more confident as a person and as a business woman, and I can’t thank Pam enough for showing me the way.”

Dr Tash Kanagasabai
Skin Enhance Clinic

“I started my own aesthetic practice but I didn’t know anything about how to market myself and promote my services – coming from a medical background. I’m so pleased I joined Pam’s training programme as I was able to meet and learn from the combined wisdom of multiple clinic owners and practitioners. Together with Pam, they gave me the support and encouragement I needed to push through my comfort zone and build a highly visible and respected personal brand.”

Dr Pradnya Apte
Skin Southwest

“I worked with Pam for just over a year and during that time she helped me to set up every aspect of my aesthetic business; supporting me during my training, helping me to find and build my patients and teaching me exactly what it takes to set up a successful business. I now run a very busy aesthetic business that I am very passionate about and couldn’t have done this without Pam’s help in those early days. I would not hesitate to recommend her services, she is a hardworking, professional and driven business person who loves to help practitioners succeed and achieve the results they desire.”

Jane and Kerry Lewis
The Skin to Love Clinic

“Every clinic owner and practitioner will benefit from Pam’s programmes, even if you’ve been in the business a long time like I have. If you want to be successful in private practice, you need a mentor like Pam.”

– Jane Lewis RGN NIP

“It had an all-round positive impact on our business; improving everything from profitability to staff morale and customer service.”

– Kerry Lewis, Clinic Manager

Daniel Leonard
Owner, Zapp Laser Studio

“We all start off with the assumption that self-employment and business ownership will bring us more money and time freedom, but in reality, the opposite happens. That’s why you need a mentor like Pam in your life – to help you identify exactly what you want from your business and then formulate a plan to make it happen.”

Alisha Stonier
RGN NIP, Alisha Louise Aesthetics

“My business has just grown, and grown and grown and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Pam has helped me on so many levels, in both a professional and personal context, going above and beyond what I ever imagined a business coach would do for their clients, and for that I am truly, truly grateful.”

Dr Rajveer Thethi
Skin Radiance Clinics

“It’s a big transition from NHS to private practice – there are so many minor nuances and intricacies of business that you don’t ever contemplate, coming from a medical background. But thanks to Pam’s advice, guidance and support of her client community, I’ve been able to transition far quicker and more profitably than I might otherwise have done on my own.”

Hannah Depledge
RGN NIP, Eterno Aesthetics

“As an independent nurse practitioner, I had no experience of how to run, manage or grow a profitable business. Then one day I said to myself, ‘come on Hannah, you’ve got to get a grip on things – it’s now or never’ …and I’m so glad I did! Pam’s programme breaks down one big challenge into lots of small, manageable tasks. I really wish I had done this when I first started out in Aesthetics. Knowing what I now know, I could have avoided a lot of stumbling blocks.”

Tony Hancock
Director, Skintique Clinic

“You think you know it all, but you don’t. I’ve built successful businesses in the past, but growing an aesthetic clinic was a completely different challenge and it gradually dawned on me that I needed industry-specific guidance and support. The single biggest thing that Pam did was help me to ‘clear the fog’ that had built up in my own mind about what needed to be done and in what order. That breakthrough alone was worth the investment.”

Jodie Grove
RGN NIP, The Grove Skin Clinic

“Working with Pam was like having a silent business partner; she has helped us to grow and become a much more profitable business. But more importantly, I now have full visibility of what’s going on in my business financially. Having finally got a handle on this, I feel more confident when it comes to making critical business decisions and choices – especially when evaluating new device-based treatments and technologies.”

Dr Victoria Manning
River Aesthetics

“Thanks to Pam we’ve successfully implemented many new treatments and marketing initiatives. We saw an 800% increase in turnover in 8 months. Pam transformed our business and marketing skills, knowledge and results. We are now much more efficient at running the business and finances. We also changed from paper to an efficient software system to really streamline the business. We now feel like real business owners.”

Working with Pam has been such a tremendous help and support for us. The business coaching techniques are factual, realistic, informative and eye opening. They have helped us understand how to operate and function as a business rather than just a really busy job. There is so much useful and insightful information available in the online portal once you are member and access to a such a supportive network of fellow aesthetic practices. We have had the opportunity to meet people from different practices and share their experiences and knowledge through Pam’s workshops. We have worked through modules which really make you push your own comfort zone, empowering you to understand your numbers and implement the business and marketing strategies that are critical for success in the field of aesthetic medicine. The support and structure from Aesthetic Business Transformations truly is ‘transformational’. It has been invaluable for the growth and delivery of our business. Thank you always Pam.

Dr Manav Bawa and Yogeeta Bawa
Time Clinic

After listening to Pam speak and present at various aesthetics events, we contacted her and embarked on a journey of business transformation by enrolling in her ‘Six Figure Breakthrough’ group training programme. Although we were already running a busy and successful practice, we needed to learn how to manage it better. Pam’s programme showed us the most cost effective ways to streamline and run the business, confidently cut some of our losses, and leverage our strengths. Making these changes has made a huge difference. Pam and Adam (husband and business partner) are approachable, warm and friendly. They have a solution to any query and both have given us tremendous support – especially throughout the COVID crisis. Thanks to Pam’s expert advice our clinic is positively thriving! Fantastic support and highly recommended!

Laurie Arias (RGN) and Julie Fell (Practice Manager)

Working with Pam has helped me formalise much of my financial set up, make my marketing more effective and helped my business to grow. Pam has also been a great sounding board – an experienced set of ears for when I need advice and opinions. Being a business owner can be quite lonely otherwise. Thanks to Pam’s input, we saw rapid and consistent growth as much as 700% in 7 months, and we now have plans for further expansion. Not only is the clinic growing but Pam has also given me excellent advice on how to build my own professional profile. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Dr Sophie Shotter
Illuminate Skin Clinic

Pam worked with us for about five months; guiding us in the right direction with our business management. Looking over our figures we were thrilled to find that our takings had increased by 50% when compared to the previous year so we are confident that all of our hard work is paying off. We are so grateful to Pam for giving us the motivation we needed to turn things around and generate more business. We are looking forward to the next year of business now and where we might be. Thank you Pam.

Shaun Taylor RN and Victoria Martin RN
Serenity Aesthetics

I’m learning So much on my journey through this programme with Pam. I felt there were so many gaps in the running of my business and I was starting to feel overwhelmed by all the other aspects to running a business efficiently…. I knew I needed to do something as things just couldn’t stay the way there were for much longer. My first introduction to Pam was through the many pieces of free information she gave. It was from here that I decided that I was starting to understand what her process is and was excited to learn more, so I signed up for her online programme. I’m really enjoying the webinars and also the live ‘Action Accelerator’ training workshops – as we had with all the members. They’re all so lovely and giving, as is Pam herself. I’m now starting to have a sense of order in my life and business…. and I can’t tell you how that feels! Everything has been very easy to put in place, and so much easier to understand than I thought. Thank you so much Pam.

Jackie Holden RGN
Brighton Beautiful

I have been a member of Pam’s online programme since 2015 and have been following her webinars and content online. I have found her to be professional and well informed about the aesthetic industry.

Above all I have found her content to be both inspirational and motivational. I would recommend that all health care professionals in the aesthetics industry avail of her services.

Dr Mark Holloway
The Sperrin Clinic

I spent a year with Pam as a doctor fairly new to aesthetics, and very new to business and marketing. Her help was invaluable in teaching me and my staff how to build a successful business. Her knowledge is vast, as is her enthusiasm! She isn’t scared to tell you how it “really is”. Our clinic moved from an idea through to being one of 6 finalists as best new clinic in The Aesthetics Awards 2016 during our time being mentored by Pam. That speaks for itself I think. Don’t hesitate in building a relationship with Pam if you want to improve your skills in the business and marketing side of aesthetics.

Dr Grant McKeating
RejuvaMed Skin Clinic

Working with Pam made such a remarkable difference to my business in only a short space of time. We had only been working together for a few months, however all of the measures we put in place led to a dramatic increase of over 150% in my turnover and I even hit my ‘outrageous’ target that we set during our first session together.

I am absolutely delighted.

Pam has consistently helped me to get my business back on track after 15 years of running my already successful clinic – I can now take it to the next level and go from great to amazing!

Dr Anushka Reddy
Medi-Sculpt Clinic, South Africa

After reading one of Pam’s articles and feeling in disbelief that she was saying everything we were going through as a new business, we had no hesitation in hiring her. From our first telephone meeting, she advised new systems that we could be doing better, saving time and ultimately making more money. We have gone through some dramatic changes and we truly owe a lot of this to Pam for her constant support and helping us to believe in making the right changes. Thank you Pam, you are a star!

Amanda Freeburn & Dr Michele Engel
Cosmetica London

I was recommended to speak to Pam seven years ago when I looking for a new challenge outside of my main NHS work. I was delighted to be chosen to work with Pam in her business and was able to get all the training, support and advice I needed to start and grow my own medical aesthetic business. I worked with Pam for over two years and was particularly impressed with the way that she helped me to establish and grow my own patient base. Pam is a very knowledgeable and skilled business person, who has in-depth understanding of the medical aesthetic marketplace. She knows exactly how to set up, grow and expand an aesthetics business, as well as how to communicate with the patients and build those great relationships that all practitioners need. I am happy to say that Pam and I have continued our professional and personal relationship over the years and she continues to provide professional business development support when needed. My recommendation to anyone looking to grow their aesthetic business is to speak to Pam and find out how she can help you.

Mandy Lodge RGN

In 2005, with Pam’s help, we launched my career in medical aesthetics. Her knowledge of the aesthetic marketplace, the needs of an aesthetic patient and detailed understanding of sales and marketing has helped me to grow my business and turn it into an enjoyable success. Those first three years were the perfect building blocks that enabled me to help me to build my own very profitable aesthetic business across the South Coast and secure a role as a Botulinum Toxin Specialist in a large Hampshire based hospital. Without Pam’s knowledge, expertise and ability to grow a business from scratch I would not be where I am today. Since then, Pam has continued to advise, train and mentor me in the areas that I am not so proficient at – mainly sales and marketing. I would not hesitate to recommend her services and am looking forward to our continuing relationship.

Martin Lennon RGN

I can’t fault this experience, it gets down to the nitty gritty of understanding of what you should be doing to improve your business. There is a well thought through process and you are gently guided through the requirements of your business.

There is thankfully loads of helpful advice on how to implement what is required.

I am fortunate to have been doing this with a great group of people.

The experience has proved invaluable.

Kate Harding

“This has been a fantastic group and we all have learnt so much from Pam and Adam. I would recommend it to anybody involved in an Aesthetics Clinic.”

Deborah Vines

As a non medic I have gained so much confidence being part of the group. With the information and tips I have learned, it won’t be long before I am working in the clinic full time helping Deborah.

Chris Vines

Deborah Vines RGN INP & Chris Vines (Practice Manager)