If you are like the majority of practitioners, you likely cringe hearing the word ‘sales’, as it conjures up images of aggressive and pushy promotional tactics that we have all fallen victim to at some point in our lives.

However, the word ‘sell’ is derived from the Icelandic word ‘Selja’ and the Anglo-Saxon word ‘Syllan’; both mean ‘to serve’ or ‘to give’. Ultimately, selling is about helping people who already want and need your services to make their decision more easily.

People don’t always understand that you can help them – particularly if they have a skin condition they have struggled with for many years and they don’t know that there is help available for them. Therefore, to not serve them when you know you can help them is doing both the patient and you a disservice.

The goal of effective selling is to determine whether you have the right product or service to actually solve a person’s problems. In my latest article for Independent Practitioner Today, I explain exactly how to do this in a manner that sits perfectly with your values and personality.

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