9 Ways to Re-ignite the Growth of Your Practice


Featured in the November 2016 Edition of Aesthetic Medicine

Do you feel like your progress has stalled?

Are you continually getting the same outcomes, problems and disappointments when it comes to marketing your practice and growing your patient base?

In this featured article for Aesthetic Medicine Magazine, I would like to share with you the business growth strategies that have given my clients new found energy, belief and confidence as well as rapid results.

These are more than just business and marketing ‘tips’, ‘ideas’ and ‘golden nuggets’. They are commandments; created to give my clients focus and direction in the early stages of their journey towards their long term business goals.

If you’re out of ideas, demotivated, overwhelmed or just plain lost, I encourage you to not only read this article but keep referring back to it whenever you hit a brick wall.   

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The truth is, all of us eventually reach a point where despite our talents and gifts, we find ourselves stuck in some way. The level of thinking that got you to where you are TODAY, will not get you where you want to go ULTIMATELY.

You need some fresh thinking and outside perspective from people who understand your challenges and can give you the right support and resources to inject new life into your practice.

And this is exactly what you will get by attending our new Business Breakthrough Bootcamp


Pam Underdown

Pam is a business coach, trainer and mentor working exclusively with Aesthetic Professionals worldwide. Her company, Aesthetic Business Transformations, provides a fully supported system of programmes, tools and resources to dramatically increase your profitability, create more happy patients and take your practice from chaos to control.

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