The more you can showcase your personality, experience and knowledge online, the more you will develop your own loyal following.
In today’s fast moving and highly competitive world, we have more ways and even more possible places to market ourselves.
Social media marketing is generally free, but it can be very time-consuming and the same goes for blogging and content marketing. For faster results, digital advertising, such as Google AdWords, can be very powerful but a return on your investment isn’t always guaranteed.
Whether you’re new to online marketing or just looking to do it better, the following tips, featured in Aesthetic Medicine Magazine, are for you.
This article is the fifth installment of an exclusive six-part series on how to inject new life into your aesthetic practice. If you’re struggling to make a success of your practice, or you’re doing ‘okay’ but still a long way from what you want, I suggest you take some time out to read the full series.
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