The team you surround yourself with can make or break your practice, and this is largely determined by the culture you currently have in your workplace.
The problem is that, with a few rare exceptions, most business owners often overlook the importance of creating a positive and productive culture within their organisation. Instead, they allow the culture to evolve on its own.
This inevitably leads to poor team performance and persistent problems such as gossiping, cliques, excuses, blaming, complaining, silence, apathy, procrastination, missed deadlines, being late (and unprepared) for client appointments, mediocrity, and doing just enough to get by.
It’s crucial to remember that you get what you tolerate. If you tolerate a negative or toxic culture within your workplace, you will likely see a negative impact on your team’s performance and overall success.
One of my favourite business books by Keith Cunningham highlights the importance of workplace culture in driving team performance; one chapter in particular was so profound that I felt compelled to type it out and I want to share it with you today. 
If you’re struggling with team performance issues and feel that your workplace culture needs a change, I highly recommend reading this extract. You can download the PDF here:
Best Wishes