(left to right) Pam Underdown, Dr Charlotte Woodward, Dr Victoria Manning and Vicky Eldridge

What a difference a year makes!

It was an absolute pleasure to celebrate the fine example set by two of my most determined and hardest working clients, Dr Victoria Manning and Dr Charlotte Woodward from River Aesthetics in Hampshire, UK.

Their remarkable journey, recently featured in Aesthetic Medicine Magazine, is a truly inspiring account of what can and does happen when you push through your comfort zone in the pursuit of success.

Without wishing to sound soppy, or cliché, I couldn’t be more proud of the success that Victoria and Charlotte have achieved. They have been dream clients. I often receive a text or an email from Victoria giving me exciting updates, or sending me another fantastic newsletter late at night, or from Charlotte with the latest financial results and projections.

Mastering the Business of Aesthetics can be exhausting and of course, it is – it just puts a smile on my face, because I know they are both doing what it takes to make their business work for them and their lives – at a time that suits them. They don’t say ‘I don’t feel like it’, or ‘I haven’t got the time’ or ‘I can’t be bothered’ – they just do it and that’s a wonderful trait to have.

We will be continuing on our journey of transformation together – as they have truly taught me many lessons overcoming their many challenges – when other people would have just given up.

If you are ever in doubt, remember – it CAN be done, it HAS been done.