Featured in the February 2016 Edition of Aesthetic Medicine

In September 2015 I launched my signature programme ‘Mastering the Business of Aesthetics’ – featuring ‘The 6D Patient Attraction System’.

This step-by-step online training programme is designed to help medical aesthetic practice owners not only understand business and marketing intimately, but to really transform their results, their bottom line and their thinking.

One of my personal objectives was to make sure the programme appeals to those who want to learn from each other (as well as from me) so I asked some of the founding members to share their experiences and key learnings with you in this latest article for Aesthetic Medicine Magazine.

Despite their different backgrounds, there is a common theme within their stories.

They all decided it was time to get serious. They all  made a commitment to move with the times. They all put business education at the top of their ‘to-do’ lists. And they are all moving forward together. You might even recognise a few names…