Pam Underdown Summer

Featured in the July / August 2014 Edition of Aesthetic Medicine

According to recent statistics, 61% of UK small and medium-sized businesses are impacted by seasonality – with 37% suffering as a result.

Seasonal fluctuations always raise three core concerns for business owners: cash-flow, staff and scheduling. However, it’s only forward planning, savvy preparation and consistent marketing that will ensure your business weathers the seasonal decline.
So, if your appointments are rather thin on the ground and the lack of steady cash flow means it’s going to be a struggle to keep up with your operational expenses, is there anything you can do right now to boost your business this summer? Or is it too late and far easier to throw in the (beach) towel, join the holiday crowds and start again in September?

First of all, start by putting yourself in your patients’ ‘flip-flops’ for a moment: for many, a new season often means a shift in mind-set; they have weathered another dreadful winter and are now anticipating the sunny months of summer. So, now is the perfect time to remind them you can help them look great during their holiday at the beach, in shorts at the family picnic and all dressed for the summer weddings they will be attending. There are so many occasions and happenings going on during July and August that your patients want to look their best for, so get the word out about easy and fast ways to help them to sizzle this summer.

Let’s start with 8 summer marketing ideas to help you to keep your business growing and financially healthy…