Have you ever asked, or thought of asking….

“What’s the difference between PR and Marketing?”

“Should I be moving to electronic consultations?”

“Do I really need to do my own social media marketing? Or is it better to outsource it?”

“How do I deal with negative PR and / or online reviews?”

If so, you’re in luck as these were the very questions I took from the audience at CCR Expo in London. Our Q&A discussion panel, consisting of both clinical and business experts, offered some valuable tips and pearls of wisdom for addressing these challenges. And fortunately, we were able to capture the whole thing in a short video:

In another exclusive Q&A at the ‘SMART Ideas’ conference in London, I asked three of my most successful clients how they dealt with their business and marketing challenges, what mistakes they made, what they had to learn and do differently and how they overcame a number of painful and sometimes expensive lessons along the way. Click on the button below to learn more.

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