It is very easy to fall into the trap of judging your own success by the perceived success of others.

I say ‘perceived’ very deliberately, as often there is a very big difference between the messages people share via social media, versus the reality of their situation. Many are adopting a ‘fake it until they make it’ strategy.

Online envy afflicts us all; I know I’ve been guilty of it in a previous life.

That was until the day a wise man told me to block out the noise and focus my attention entirely on doing exactly what I needed to do to achieve the success I was seeking.

‘That’s how you ultimately become successful’, he said. It was part of his proven 12 step process for success which was featured in Aesthetic Medicine Magazine. I would like to share it with you today:

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This article is the final installment of an exclusive six-part series on how to inject new life into your aesthetic practice. If you’re struggling to make a success of your practice, or you’re doing ‘okay’ but still a long way from what you want, I suggest you take some time out to read the full series.

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