Did you know that most businesses don’t really start making a decent profit until they hit their 4th birthday?

According to one of the largest studies ever done on entrepreneurship and business mastery, it takes about 2 years to really get to know your business inside out…

Then, you’ll spend the next couple of years working hard to make a living and pay back the debts and losses that you accumulated in the first two years.

If you stay on course, by year 5, your business should finally start to see some decent profit – and by year 7, you’re likely hitting your stride.

This 2-4-7 timeline? It’s pretty much a golden rule (although there are always a few rare exceptions)

Sure, it seems like a mighty long haul, and truth be told, it’s not always smooth sailing…

You’ll probably hit more obstacles than you want, and there might even be times when you think, “Maybe I would be better off going back to a regular paid job”

Sound familiar?

Well, you’re not alone in feeling impatient or tempted by ‘quicker and easier’ pathways.

But here’s the deal: 7 years is going to pass whether you like it or not!

So the real question is, do you want to still be grinding away after 7 years – working the same hours, earning the same income, dealing with the same old annoying day-to-day problems and frustrations..?

Or do you want to be living the dream – making more and working less – because you mastered the key skills necessary for your clinic to thrive in your absence?

Let’s not forget, no skill is off-limits for you to learn; I’m talking about marketing skills, sales skills, financial literacy, planning, leadership – you name it.

And the best part? You, as the boss, have the power to pick up any of these skills. Consider this – you might just be one new skill away from doubling your profits. Yes, you read that right!

So, chin up and keep pushing. Your business is a journey, and you’re the captain steering it toward success. And if you need a guiding star, we’ve got your back…

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