Are you confused about how to use Facebook for business? Perhaps you are fed up that your efforts aren’t bringing much return and you don’t know why?

Maybe you’re posting every day and you’ve dabbled at Facebook ads, but you’re frustrated because no matter how much time and effort you put into it, the phone is simply not ringing and your posts aren’t reaching or resonating with enough of your followers?

Before you lose faith completely and abandon all hope that Facebook will ever work for your business, consider this…

As business owners, I believe our emotional attraction to Facebook appears to be tied to having an audience more than to connect socially. Our subconscious obsession with “self” drives us to post content that, on reflection, does little to raise the profile of those who saw it.

This is why we struggle to get engagement. We need to work on this.

You’ll find some helpful guidance in my latest article for Aesthetic Medicine Magazine:

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