You know the drill…

You stumble upon what seems like a golden opportunity or an item you’ve just got to have for your aesthetic practice. But hang on a sec—have you ever taken the plunge and later asked yourself, “What was I thinking?”

I’ve been there, done that, and now I’ve got a cheat sheet that guides me through these tantalising decisions…

So, let me share it with you. Before I sign on the dotted line or click ‘buy now,’ I stop and ask myself these four savvy questions:

1. The classic “What’s in it for me?” Easy one, right? We’re all pretty good at spotting the benefits tailormade for our business.

2. Then comes the tricky one, “Could this backfire?” Picturing what might go wrong isn’t as fun as the first question. And advice from people in our own bubble might be well-intentioned but hopelessly biased by our shared excitement.

3. Are the possible downsides something I can handle? This is where things get real. It’s not just about whether you can live with the consequences, but also whether your business can survive them.

4. And the biggest question of all, “What am I missing?” As an aesthetic practitioner / clinician, especially if you’re on the newer side, there are pitfalls you might not spot until you step right into them. That’s where a fresh pair of eyes can save your skin.

The thing is, our industry is fabulous, but it’s also full of ways to watch your hard-earned cash flutter away if you’re not careful.

Many of us have been sucker-punched by a “great opportunity” that ended up being anything but great. The key is to take a breath and give those assumptions a good, hard look before diving headfirst into the next big thing.

Here’s a little nugget of wisdom from one of my favourite business mentors – Keith Cunningham:

“Our biggest problems arise from an endless pursuit of the path of least resistance, rather than a staunch commitment to whatever it takes to get the results we want.”

So, next time you’re captivated by that shiny new piece of tech or a company that promises the moon, run it by my four-question reality check.

And if you’re feeling stuck, or just want to ensure your next step is a leap in the right direction, we have got your back…

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