Success on social media is about understanding your target audience, engaging with them and finding out what makes them tick.

Sounds obvious right?…

So why do so many people continue to use social media as a platform for their own self-serving megaphone announcements – ‘shouting’ at people and then wondering why it doesn’t work?

Many well-meaning posts on social media are put out there without much thought and without a strategy; people throwing mud at the walls and hoping it sticks. In the long term, ‘hope strategies’ kill your credibility and make it very hard to recover.

Generating revenue, leads, likes or followers with social media can be a frustrating, confusing and daunting experience for most independent practitioners. But it is possible, and if done strategically, it can be very effective.

This article, published in Independent Practitioner Today, will show you step-by-step exactly where you should focus your efforts:

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