In medicine, there’s a “minimum effective dose” and anything less doesn’t work. It’s the same with marketing. The more times a prospect hears your voice and sees your face, the more they will trust that you are the perfect solution for them.

But in most cases, ‘short’ social media posts (e.g., Instagram reels) are below the effective dose required to get people to care at all about what you do. This problem is also compounded by the ever-changing social media algorithms that are making it harder to get your posts seen by your followers.

The solution?

Think about all the possible ways you could get in front of your target clientele and keep their attention long enough to deliver your “minimum effective dose”.

We’ve become so obsessed with the online marketing world that we’ve forgotten that there are other, more meaningful ways to reach and engage people.

And by far one of the best ways to get results is to put yourself where there’s a (physical) crowd of your ideal patients…

I’m talking about running your own in-clinic events…

Attending local trade shows & exhibitions to speak or demonstrate…

Getting involved with local businesses and networking with business owners who have access to the caliber of clientele you want.

But all of this stuff is often overlooked for the more ‘leveraged’ online marketing. And online marketing is great.…

When it works.

But it’s not easy to get it to work, and when it does…

It will break! (sooner or later)

And then you need to find the next thing that works (temporarily).

So rather than being too focussed on marketing being an online, digital-only thing, think about other ways you can get yourself in front of more people who need what you do – long enough for you to deliver your “minimum effective dose”.

When you find places where your ideal patients are hanging out, you’ll get a much larger and quicker return on your investment compared to the time, energy and money you spend on more conventional social media marketing.

Hopefully that has triggered some additional thinking to help you find more ways to grow your practice.

The bottom line is this: There are people out there who, despite the economy, are still looking to buy and still able to buy. If you want to attract those people to your practice, you’re going to have to be brave, get creative, and try new things.

Best Wishes