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Why Work With Us

Could This Be The Turning Point For You And Your Practice?

The life you’re living today is a reflection of the decisions you were making five years ago. The life you’ll be living in five years will reflect the decisions you’re making today.



18 years ago, I made every mistake in the book when it comes to running, marketing and growing an aesthetic business. Since then, I’ve made it my mission to help aesthetic clinic owners and practitioners avoid those same painful and expensive mistakes by showing you exactly what works and what doesn’t. Those pearls of wisdom will be available to you when you join our community, along with the wealth of experience and expertise of your fellow members.


Running an aesthetic practice can be the loneliest occupation on the planet. It doesn’t matter how well intentioned your team is or your family or friends – unless they have walked in your shoes they don’t ‘get’ what’s required and they probably don’t fully ‘get’ you. Which is fine. That’s not their job. But you need to spend time with people (like us) who do get you. At our meetings and training sessions, you will have the opportunity to discuss any areas of business you choose, and we will work with you to solve any problems and maximise any opportunities that you want to cover.


Somebody in our client community has already tussled with and beaten the exact same problems now bedevilling you. Somebody knows the exact person you need to know. One of our most important joining criteria is to be generous with your experience, knowledge, and contacts and “open” about your successes and misfires, discoveries, and problems. Our client community thrives on shared learning and reciprocal support. This journey is about giving as much as getting.


Contacts And Resources

Not only do you get to leverage the experience and expertise of your fellow members, but also the vast network of key contacts and resources that I have built up over the years working within the UK Aesthetics industry. They include trusted people who can save you time and money. Innovative systems, software and applications that can simplify your marketing efforts. Tools that help you make faster, more informed and intelligent business decisions. You’ll wonder what you ever did without them.


Myself and your fellow members hold you and each other to our ‘honour’ system – to agreements on what we are going to test, implement, change, get working. It’s said that the worst thing about self-employment is you have an easily distracted employee, a forgiving boss, and you can’t fire either one of them! Positive accountability automatically improves performance and follow-through.