Pam Underdown

“When it comes to Google Adwords you’d better know what you’re doing before you get started” – Pam Underdown

The internet is becoming more and more of a real economy, so Google are going to keep raising the bar when it comes to advertising.

A number of my clients have asked me how best to use Google Adwords to get on the first page of Google and steal the spotlight away from their competitors. I have seen proof that Google Adwords can work very well for aesthetic clinics, but you’d better know what you’re doing before you get started. You can lose a lot of money very fast if you’re not careful.

So here are 3 things to think about before you dive head first into your Adwords campaign…

1) What does a keyword MEAN to the person typing it in a Google search?

When you talk about the meaning of words in this context, it goes way beyond a dictionary definition. Success in Google Adwords comes from understanding the STORY behind what that person typed in. The person who typed in the keyword has a story, the better the story on your website matches THEIR story, the more enquiries you will get.

2) What is the biggest mistake people are making with Google Adwords today?

Quite simply, identifying multiple keywords, writing an ad and sending all the traffic to the same web page even though those keywords might represent 100 completely different things. This forces the visitor to look around on your website for whatever it was they actually wanted to find, and very few people will have the patience to do that.

You have to be able to take them right to where they want to go in a single click. So the advert needs to be about the keyword, and the landing page needs to be about the keyword, and overall you have to make it possible for the visitor to take the action you want them to take in no more than 3 or 4 clicks in total.

3) What things are Google evaluating and ranking?

In no particular order…

a) the quantity of content on your website
b) the match between the keywords in the ad and the landing page of your website
c) how long people stay on your website after they’ve arrived

Google grades you on all 3 of these things, in other words, for any particular keyword or marketplace, Google is judging you relative to your competitor’s adword campaigns.

So if your competitor’s visitors are staying a long time on their websites and yours aren’t, then you’re in trouble. If your competitors have large websites with lots of relevant content and you don’t, then you’re in trouble. That’s why there’s lots of inconsistency in the results people are seeing in their campaigns and it’s the cause of so much frustration amongst those who depend on it for new customers.

A final warning! Many website designers like to see if they can trick search engines into doing certain things, but Google gets better every day in making their search engine mimic a human being, that’s their whole job and entire purpose. So don’t design your whole strategy with the search engine in mind, design it with the target client in mind.

If you’re serious about growing a highly profitable and successful aesthetic practice filled with your ideal patients, you’re in the right place.

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