Featured in the November 2014 Edition of Aesthetic Medicine

If you’re a veteran in this industry you’ll be well aware that patients, new and old, can come in droves at this time of year. The demand for aesthetic interventions typically soars in the lead up to the festive season, but there is an even bigger opportunity that many fail to seize:

Patients are interested in presents and pampering, as well as procedures.

Now is the best time to boost your retail profits, so make sure your retail range has enough visual impact to maximise sales. Your stock won’t sell on its own, so your retail area must be accessible. Don’t lock stock away in glass units, even if they are expensive and you are concerned about theft. Do what you can to create a shopping experience that will encourage sales; remember people need access to your products to touch, smell, feel and experience them in order to buy them.

Always train your team to sell the benefits and not just the features of your retail range. You may need to provide additional coaching to make sure that all staff have the ability to identify and maximise every opportunity for cross-selling and up-selling.

In this featured article for Aesthetic Medicine Magazine you’ll find more useful tips for getting your house in order in preparation for the traditional Autumn / Winter gold rush.