At the start of a new year, you may experience a drop in patient bookings and revenue.

Perhaps a significant drop.

To keep your stress levels from rising, I’d like to share with you a foolproof way to get some immediate bookings, without resorting to deals and discounts.

(by the way – every practitioner and clinic owner I know who’s done this has got immediate bookings as a result)

Okay, here we go….


1. Go over your patient records and make a list of the top 20% of patients, those responsible for 80% of your profits. We’re going to use the 80/20 rule in your favour.


2. Now pick up the phone and call them.

Don’t delegate this task, make sure YOU call them.

Tell them you’re thinking of bringing some new treatments and technologies into the clinic and you would value their input.

Here’s a good question to ask during the conversation:

“If you could only improve ONE thing about your skin, [patient name], what would that be?”

Ask the question, then just listen.


3. When you’ve finished the call, go to work and identify at least 3 potential solutions for addressing their needs with your EXISTING treatment and product offerings.

If you can’t think of any, think about who you could team up with who DOES have a solution.


4. Call the patient back and tell them what you’ve found. You could open with:

“Hi, I was just thinking about our conversation, and there are actually 3 ways I can help you”

Be aware, some of these people you won’t have to call back because you’ll get some bookings right there on the phone in the first call.


Try it.

It works.

And it works because you’re coming at the problem from their direction.

By asking them about what YOU can do for THEM, by SERVING instead of SELLING, you’re immediately different from everyone else out there.

The truth is – most aesthetic practitioners and clinic owners spend a lot of time, effort, and money searching for ways to get new patients, when really their best and most easily realised source of business is already there, in the form of their existing patients.

Someone who has had a treatment with you before has already got over the “hump” of distrust and scepticism.

In short, they like you, they trust you, and they presumably had a good experience with you.

These are the people who can bring you all the revenue you need – if you’re willing to communicate to them effectively.

This is just one of dozens of ways to improve the marketing of your business that I teach in my Six Figure Breakthrough Programme.

But it’s one of the easiest, it’s free and it will bring you instant additional income.

Best Wishes



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