When times are tough and finances are stretched, your patients need to dig deeper for a reason to see you, as well as a reason to give up their money; especially if they are not sure they will have any in the near future.

Since you’re not going to stop this new wave of discounters, a good defence is warranted. Your best defence against discounters is to build unbreakable relationships with your current patients. They already know how skilled you are. They trust you. They get a good result. They refer their friends to you. They will not be quick to jump to another provider they don’t know, if they’re super happy with you.

Your competitors don’t have the same relationship with your patients that you have, so nurture it and keep it healthy so your patients cannot be lured away by saving a few pounds. People act on habits and past experiences much more than on knowledge.

It is important to stay connected with them; keep addressing and empathising with their emotional motivators for wanting enhancement and then equip them with the logical reasons why you are the perfect choice so they can easily relay that back to their family and friends if they are challenged.

What about new / prospective patients?

Prospective patients are doing a cost / benefit analysis in their heads to decide if what you are offering them is worth the time, money and effort and if the benefits will outweigh the risk. Their decisions are quickly reached by emotion and then justified with logic.

You want to do everything you can to learn WHY the prospective patient has contacted you because here’s a hint: there’s a chance there’s more to their answer then originally stated. If you can bond with the new patient and let them talk, they will eventually tell you the real reasons and the circumstances involved. They may even pour their hearts out. Once you understand their feelings, you’re on your way to building an unbreakable relationship.

Best Wishes