Featured in the April 2015 Edition of The Aesthetics Journal

Are you a one hit wonder?

Chances are you lost some patients last year. Perhaps you can’t say for sure how many you lost, why you lost them or where they went, but you can rectify the situation.

Ensuring returning clients is not about doing one or two big things; it’s doing a hundred little things with care and consistency, with every single patient and every single visit. If you spend all of your time, money and effort attracting a new patient and then never see them again, you are doing them and your business a disservice.

I’m sure you’ve heard that 80% of your profits come from 20% of your patients. Your top 20% of patients provide a consistent revenue stream, and because of their frequent custom, they require less set-up time. Identify those who have spent more with you, visited most frequently, referred more patients than others or those who are very connected in the community.

Put a fence around them to keep them happy, loyal, returning and referring!

You should market to this select group of patients in a different way, enhance their experience and reward them so that they feel appreciated. Set up and make them part of an exclusive VIP Club so they receive extra perks that other patients don’t.

If you look after your VIP patients – they will look after your profits. I wrote an article in Aesthetics Magazine on the subject, it is packed with ideas on how to enhance and retain patient loyalty; to ensure your annual profits are protected and boosted even when times are tough…

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