Featured in the April 2015 Edition of Aesthetic Medicine

Do you still bounce out of bed in the morning? Or has the fun and excitement you once felt for your profession been replaced with bellyaches?

Perhaps every day feels like a chore? Maybe you feel like you are on a constant roller-coaster, haphazardly getting through each day – firefighting and never feeling in control? Or do you simply dread the time when you need to work on that new consent form, or the figures for the accountant or next month’s marketing campaign?

Running a medical aesthetic practice is so consuming, it needs constant attention, nurturing, time, energy, effort and is undoubtedly sheer hard work. But being an entrepreneur is also supposed to be fun and liberating; we very often forget that.

In my experience, the business of aesthetics is much more fun when you are in control. When you can see what is happening all around you through real data. When you are in a position to drive positive change, one step at a time, measure each impact and feel the gains.

It certainly isn’t fun if you don’t have the visibility of the all the metrics. Imagine how scary it would be to drive a car without a dashboard!

Take a look at my article in Aesthetic Medicine Magazine. It reminds us that we should never be afraid of, or shy away from, the business side of aesthetics. This is actually the most fun part, once you understand it.