What happens if you don’t have a workable marketing plan? Quite simply, there will be lots of activity and very little productivity.

You’ll end up bouncing from task to task, probably never completing any to the level that you want.

Additionally, you can be absolutely certain that, as a result, you will miss a number of potentially lucrative opportunities.

The bottom line is that without a marketing plan, you will get hopelessly lost and never reach your destination.

I have spoken to many aesthetic doctors, nurse practitioners and clinic owners who feel out of control, because they haven’t given themselves the time or the space to stop, take a step back and really plan and structure their business affairs properly.

Then when a crisis hits, the deadly error of ignoring critical metrics as well as consistent and congruent marketing messages really takes its toll.

What about you? Are you inadvertently sleepwalking into a crisis through lack of planning?

In the fourth of my series for ‘Independent Practitioner Today’ magazine, I explain why it is ESSENTIAL to have a realistic working blueprint for patient attraction and retention, and paint a clear picture of what eventually WILL happen if you’re living without one at the moment.


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