When I work with a one-to-one private client, we spend our first day together going through a very detailed discovery session, where I ask a lot of questions about the individual, their business, what they are looking to achieve and why.

This person can often have the weight of the world on their shoulders, particularly if they don’t have a business partner, or a supportive spouse to talk to.

During this session I am privileged when my clients open up to me to share their dreams, worries, disappointments, emotions and ideas. Everything comes tumbling out as the need to talk and unburden themselves is often so great, that the individual can move from a feeling of utter despair, worry or loneliness to feeling relieved, energised and able to see the future clearly.

So if you are feeling that things just aren’t going the way you want them to, I suggest you follow the steps in this article. It contains a proven process that has delivered renewed hope and heightened confidence to all my personal clients.

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This article is the first installment of an exclusive six-part series on how to inject new life into your aesthetic practice. If you’re struggling to make a success of your practice, or you’re doing ‘okay’ but still a long way from what you want, I suggest you take some time out to read the full series.

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