Featured in the August 2015 Edition of Aesthetic Dentistry Today

Believe it or not, building a facial aesthetics practice is a lot like going fishing.

When going on a fishing trip the first thing you have to decide on is what type of fish you are going after. Why? Because this determines where you will go fishing, what type of equipment you will need and what type of bait you will use.

You must be very selective in your targeting, or you will end up attracting people who suck up all your time, eat up all your profit and expect more of you than you can possibly give.

You can either try to sell to anybody at the risk of attracting nobody, or you can get really specific about who you want to work with. In fact, your patients are actually an expression of you and your personality.

If you are a bargain hunter, always going for the cheapest, then that is the type of patient you will be inclined to attract. And you will get exactly what THEY pay for; someone who wants everything (and more) for the price of nothing (or less.)

On the other hand if you always choose premium, high priced, luxury products and services, then you will probably find yourself constantly struggling to attract that tiny segment of the market (0.5%) who only ever buy the most expensive.

So you really need to be somewhere in the middle; attracting the majority of the population who look for VALUE FOR MONEY

In my very first article for Aesthetic Dentistry Today, I discuss the surprising similarities between marketing and fishing and the lessons we can all learn from a fisherman who knows exactly what kind of fish he wants, the best spots to fish, and the right bait to use.