Featured in the November 2015 Edition of Independent Practitioner Today

Isn’t it amazing that nearly everyone who attends a Disney theme park comes away with a good feeling about the visit?

Many will wait in a queue for an hour in the heat and humidity yet feel that they have had a good experience or certainly got their money’s worth. There is, indeed, magic in the Magic Kingdom.

That magic can be transferred to the clinic of medicine and the delivery of medical aesthetic services and procedures. The common denominator is that both organisations have paying ‘guests’. These guests expect to pay large entrance fees and therefore have high expectations of the service and the outcome of their experience. How any business can live up to the expectations of their ‘guests’ will determine their satisfaction, their image in the marketplace and, ultimately, their overall business success.

Your aesthetic patients need more compelling reasons to invest in aesthetics, so, now more than ever, give them those reasons. 

In the seventh of my essential series for Independent Practitioner Today Magazine, I explain how it is possible to create a truly compelling patient experience – and watch your profits grow overnight.