Featured in the Dec 2015 / Jan 2016 Edition of Independent Practitioner Today

There is a lot of confusion about what works online and what doesn’t, so I am hoping that this article will explain what you should do and what pitfalls to avoid.

Fundamentally, we all use the internet as an information-gathering tool, no matter what you are doing: booking a holiday, looking for a new outfit or researching a restaurant for your anniversary. You spend the first part of your online search gathering information in order to make a buying decision.

So the minute you try and break this principle and immediately try to get money from people who are only using the internet to gather information, your website won’t work as well, because it’s not how people use the internet.

The internet was intended to be an information highway, not a transactional tool. Unfortunately most small business owners still believe the latter, and proceed to set up their websites to be the online equivalent of a shop window. In the business of medical aesthetics, a ‘shop window’ does little to help the tens of thousands of prospective patients searching daily for answers to their biggest questions and concerns about the products and treatments they have heard so much about.

If your website does not contain the answers to those questions, they will quickly click off and go to one that DOES. Probably your local competitor…