business vision: be unique, not average

Living in a world full of ‘new’ and ‘innovation’ your patients are simply not impressed by the same old thing anymore. Think about it, people will queue for hours to be the first to buy the latest games console or iPad. They will flock to the newest restaurant in town, (all the while tweeting on twitter or commenting on Facebook what they think of their experience.)

Today’s consumers not just looking for a product and a procedure that will give them the desired result, they are also looking for an experience that provides value, care and attention to detail. They want more.

Think of a restaurant that you visit regularly, where the food isn’t necessarily Michelin Star, but the owner and the staff make you feel as though you are their most important customer. They remember your name, your favourite table, your favourite wine and even ask questions based upon your previous conversation. They make you feel valued and special every time. Compare this to the restaurant that sat you down in a rush, forgot about you, made you wait 30 minutes until they asked if you would like a drink and then still forgot to give you a menu. That is one experience you don’t want to repeat in a hurry.

Almost every medical aesthetic website I visit talks about how caring and compassionate the doctor is and how their main concern is for the patient. Yet, some patients tell me about how they were treated curtly, the doctor didn’t listen to them, they felt rushed, their questions weren’t answered and they didn’t feel comfortable enough to complain if something went wrong. Some even mention that certain high street chain practices treat them like they are on a conveyor belt, rushing them along, pushing them along and selling to them at the same time.

‘We give a great experience!’ I hear. ‘We provide an excellent service in a relaxed yet professional environment … we serve great coffee… we provide the most amazing aftercare.’

Sorry, that’s what everyone says. So, use that to your advantage. Don’t rush your patients, listen to them and spend time with them. There are too many practitioners who don’t spend the time they should do with a new patient, because they are too busy wheeling them in and then out again, thinking about their time / revenue targets and the next patient that is coming through the door.

Don’t be one of those practitioners; it doesn’t make your patient feel very special I promise you.