Due to the fact that there is so much competition, to have a pre-eminence in this industry you must move from a ‘product-centric’ to a ‘patient-centric’ approach in your marketing if you want to attract more of your ideal patients.

Remember, it’s a SUBJECTIVE OUTCOME people are interested in. People are not looking for treatments per se; they are looking to move away from feeling uneasy about a physical aspect; something that may actually be severely affecting their confidence and chances of achieving true contentment in love, life or work.

One of the best ways to accomplish this is in your marketing is to talk a little more about how you can contribute towards the future happiness and prosperity of a patient in addition to the specifics of a particular product or treatment. The aging process is very real and so is its impact on people’s lives. There are a number of areas where looking younger is not just something people would like, but in this world, something they feel is an absolute must.

You owe it to your market to connect with those feelings so they can begin to feel understood and hence trust you enough to let you help them solve their problem. For example, with increased lifespan and decreased economic stability, many people perceive they will have to work well into their later years and therefore want to look their very best.

In his best-selling book ‘The Aging Myth’, Dr Joseph Chang goes deep into why aging matters in society today and why people have an enormous interest in reversing the appearance of aging in light of some ‘real world truths’:

“….in spite of the fact that people are now productive long beyond their 50s, society is image-prejudiced.”

A little controversial perhaps? Dr Chang elaborates:

“….older skin creates the image of being tired and used up…. Sagging muscles make a face look tired and ragged…. It shows in our posture, bearing and self-confidence…. People don’t want tired and run-down individuals working for their companies…. they want people who look like they have the stamina to fight the challenges that come in a positive and engaging way.”

And perhaps his most powerful observation:

“….like it or not, the perception that drives business is that youth is power. Youth is intelligence. Youth is vitality. That’s why a 55-year old who wants to be hired needs to look 40.”

In marketing, your empathy for the other person’s situation and the simple fact that you understand what they feel like, and what they’re going through, is the biggest factor in your success. By authentically and legitimately helping people to visualise how you can improve their situation and quality of life, it would make you a lot more interesting than any competitor who is simply peddling commodities.