As we say goodbye to 2021 and get ready to welcome in 2022, here are a few resolutions you might want to add to the list:

1. Never stop aiming big, even when everything around you is trying to keep you small.

2. Defy norms. When you see your competitors all doing the same thing – do anything else!

3. Remember, as an aesthetic business owner, you actually only need to be extremely good at one thing – delighting patients in remarkable ways that keep them returning and spending. If you can do that, you can hire the people who are good at everything else.

4. Take your biggest success of 2021, ask yourself what you did to achieve it – and figure out how you can spend ten times more time on those types of activity in 2022.

5. Pick at least one business goal for the new year that’s achievable but so exciting it fills you with drive and excitement to do whatever it takes to achieve it.

6. Be truly thankful for what you have by expressing gratitude each and every day, because the truth is…

– The health you have is a dream for the ill.

– The work you love is a dream for those who can’t work or don’t have access to opportunities.

– Your loved ones are a dream of the lonely.

– Your money is a dream of the poor.

Add those to the list and you’ll be set for the 2022 that you deserve.

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Best wishes,

Pam X