Having a solid marketing plan gives you an edge over competition and positioning – and it’s also the single most effective way to gain new clients. Here are seven reasons you should not live another day without a marketing plan:

Reason 1: You’ll gain an advantage over your competition. More practices are opening every day, but not so many have a solid marketing plan in place. Doing just a little bit of more marketing than the practice down the road will instantly give you the edge you need.

Reason 2: Recession Proof your business. According to research 50% of new business will fail in the first year and astonishing 95% fail within 5 years. Research also showed that lack of marketing plan contributed to business failure especially amongst small businesses. Can you really take those numbers lightly?

Reason 3: You will grow your practice turnover faster. With cash coming in from marketing you will have more options to invest your hard earned profits. That means more new patients and cash in bank to you. Gone are the “If I build it they will come” days. So get your head down and think and DO marketing!

Reason 4: Your Professional image will improve. If you look into successful practices, you will see success clues – they worked out a way to take their practice to market, but they did it strategically, with a big marketing plan.

Reason 5: Your will save money. Contrary to many business owners belief (seeing marketing as an expense), having a marketing plan will actually save you money. A marketing plan will help you determine your profitable source of new patients and will help you avoid wasted money in promotions and advertisements that do not work. It will also help you determine missed opportunities of not making profits in business.

Reason 6: You’ll handle stress better. Seriously, don’t you hate a thought of having to pay everyone and everything else first, before you get paid? Having a strategic marketing plan and budget will quickly remove those fears by having a clear purpose and a map to success.

Reason 7: You’ll be happier. Honestly, researchers found that business owners who have clearly defined marketing and business plan perform better at workplace, have more free time and generate more income every day, than those who don’t.

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