We all have those frustrating weeks where time runs away with us.

It just feels like groundhog day dealing with the same old stuff day in, day out. And when the weekend finally arrives, the only thing we think about is switching off, unwinding and relaxing.

I don’t blame you. Really I don’t.

But if you do want to move your practice forward or change things for the better, then at the end of that stressful week, when you are thinking, “I don’t know how much more of this I can handle” you need to take that first step and look from above at everything that is happening and why.

It’s hardly surprising that most people feel time is constantly against them.

Almost all of my coaching clients present this as their single biggest frustration. That is, until we start to look a little closer at the problem and expose distinctive patterns of behaviour and bad habits that can be quickly eliminated with one of six possible remedies:

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