These days, I always ask myself 4 questions before I make a critical purchase decision or pursue a new opportunity….
Because if your experience mirrors mine, you’ve probably suffered the pain of losing time, energy and money on something that was originally perceived to be a “good idea”.
All those good ideas that turned out bad had one thing in common: unexamined assumptions. Pain and stress could have been avoided if we had just questioned a couple of obvious assumptions prior to pulling the trigger:
1. What could this purchase / opportunity do FOR me? We are usually experts at this one.
2. What could this purchase / opportunity do TO me? What could go wrong? We can’t answer this one by ourselves because we are irrationally emotional and optimistic about the thing we are deciding about.
3. Can I live with the consequences of the above? Very few people bother to think about this one.
4. What don’t I see? This is the single most important question to ask yourself if you are a medical aesthetic practitioner with no business background…
Because there are too many opportunities to lose money in this industry, and you don’t always see them coming.
That’s why I do what I do – to give you greater visibility of the risks, threats, pitfalls and common mistakes that sabotage the growth and profitability of aesthetic clinics.
It’s a lot less painful (and expensive) to avoid those problems than it is to correct them.
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