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Since the turn of the millennium I have watched the medical aesthetic industry go through massive changes; there have been some exciting times but many challenging times. During this time I have had the privilege of being able to advise, guide and teach a number of business owners across a wide range of industries including medical aesthetics.

In addition to being a business owner, I am also a consumer who has regular medical aesthetic treatments. This experience has enabled me to develop an intimate understanding of the aesthetic marketplace from all angles.

I can bring you some fresh perspective, valuable insights and a strategic business growth plan tailored specifically to the challenges you are facing right now in private practice.

In order to grow a profitable Medical Aesthetic Practice today, the owners must have a wealth of knowledge in all areas: branding, marketing, social media, customer service, astute financial skills, fundamental business skills and of course exceptional clinical skills. What a tall order!

I understand that running your own practice can often feel like an isolating up-hill battle, which is why I have decided to combine all of my own experience into our unique business growth service specifically designed for busy Medical Aesthetic Practitioners and Clinic Owners. My goal is to help you rekindle your passion and see your practice in a different light. Let’s begin our journey to build a more rewarding business and the life you dreamed about when you first trained.

Best Wishes, Pam Underdown

CEO: Aesthetic Business Transformations

Located in Hampshire, UK, Aesthetic Business Transformations was founded by Pam Underdown who has over 25 years of experience in sales and marketing and owned her first medical aesthetic business in 2005. As a small business owner, Pam has first-hand experience starting and growing her own business from scratch and more importantly, knows what it takes to build a long term sustainable business and of course, what mistakes to avoid.

PHILOSOPHY: Pam is driven by a simple, powerful philosophy — finding new ways to make your business grow. She is passionate about what she does and believes she can make a real difference to the lives of her clients and the lifeblood of their businesses. Pam likes people. She likes great companies and the great people that run them. And because Pam likes people so much, she gives her secrets away. Pam believes in rolling up her sleeves and really getting involved in her clients’ businesses.

STRONG VALUES: For successful businesses, the customer is always a valued partner. Pam’s goal is to work in ways that build genuine, lasting relationships, getting to know peoples’ businesses intimately; getting to understand what makes businesses tick. Pam believes that having a great attitude and treating people like human beings is paramount.

PASSION: Pam knows that people work harder when they are working for a business they believe in. That’s why she makes sure that the things that we do are things that we really believe in. Trust and honesty are infectious. Of course, being successful is important. But Pam thinks it’s much more important to really love what you do and take a pride in how you do it.

TRANSPARENCY IN BUSINESS: Pam believes in being open, honest, and transparent about what she is doing. Pam believes in being down to earth and empowering people by using straightforward communication.


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