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Growth is All About Progress, Not Perfection

In my previous article for Aesthetic Medicine Magazine, I talked through the first three of six steps to help you master the business side of aesthetics and get back on track to achieving exactly what you want. Have you taken any action on the advice I gave you? Have...

Getting Your Practice Back on Track

When I work with a one-to-one private client, we spend our first day together going through a very detailed discovery session, where I ask a lot of questions about the individual, their business, what they are looking to achieve and why. This person can often have the...

9 Reasons Why New Businesses Fail

Research shows that 50% of new businesses fail in their first year and an astonishing 80% fail within five years.  They shut down for pretty predictable reasons. They can’t adapt to a changing market or really get going in an existing one. Owners retire, companies are...

Will Your Team Make or Break Your Practice?

Do your employees care about your practice as much as you do? Are they highly skilled at converting prospective patients into paying patients? Have they got a clear understanding of your competitive advantages? Can they explain to prospective patients why your...

Generating More Likes and Leads on Facebook

Are you confused about how to use Facebook for business? Perhaps you are fed up that your efforts aren’t bringing much return and you don’t know why? Maybe you’re posting every day and you’ve dabbled at Facebook ads, but you’re frustrated because no matter how much...

How To Craft Magnetic Marketing Messages

You may be the best aesthetic professional in your area – however the fact is, if you can’t describe what you do in a way that prospective patients feel compelled to do business with you, then you will continue to find it difficult to attract and retain enough of your...

The Aesthetic Practitioner’s Guide to Self-Promotion

If you are like the majority of practitioners, you likely cringe hearing the word ‘sales’, as it conjures up images of aggressive and pushy promotional tactics that we have all fallen victim to at some point in our lives. However, the word ‘sell’ is derived from the...

How to Promote New Devices and Technologies

In this video snippet, I share a number of business and marketing strategies with clinic owners as well as salon and spa owners interested in taking on advanced, aesthetic treatments:

Is Your Practice Driving You To Despair?

Do you ever feel like your business is running YOU instead of the other way around? Do you feel overwhelmed and out of control? Every practitioner who establishes their own private practice seems to go through the same process of exhilaration, terror, exhaustion and...

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