Are Your Competitors Upstaging You?

Pam Underdown Winning The Turf War Article Cover

Featured in the April 2017 Edition of Aesthetic Medicine

Are you concerned about the rising level of unfair competition in your area? Are you fed up of slashing your prices and compromising on your values and your purpose?

How on earth are you going to deal with this problem? Certainly not by doing nothing.

You can’t keep repeating the things you’ve been doing either; hoping that it will be sufficient to cope in the future. And don’t pin your hopes on the government stepping in to level the playing field any time soon.

If you are finding yourself constantly obsessing about your competition, then please work through the exercise contained in this featured article for Aesthetic Medicine Magazine; it will provide you with some valuable insights into their strengths and weaknesses relative to your own and show you exactly where you need to innovate and improve to stay one step ahead.

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Pam Underdown

Pam is a business coach, trainer and mentor working exclusively with Aesthetic Professionals worldwide. Her company, Aesthetic Business Transformations, provides a fully supported system of programmes, tools and resources to dramatically increase your profitability, create more happy patients and take your practice from chaos to control.

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