Pam Underdown asks: are YOU experiencing the same problems, challenges and frustrations as our workshop attendees?

I thought you might like to see a snapshot of some interesting survey results; a survey of those who recently registered for one of our forthcoming workshops…

Question: What Are Your Current Challenges and Frustrations?


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Can you relate to any of the above?

Everyone who registers their interest in one of my forthcoming workshops is asked to complete a short, multiple choice survey to help me shape the agenda and get an intimate understanding of the current business challenges faced by aesthetic practitioners and industry professionals.


Some of the respondents mentioned very specific challenges; do any of the comments below sound familiar?..


“I have no turn over. I just break even. I’m not sure how or what to market. Brand new business, can still earn so much more in the NHS. Don’t know what to do or how to promote anything. I’m not promoting myself through fear. I would like to stop this and put the energy into risk taking.”


“Just starting out on my own having rented a room previously. Finding it hard to juggle priorities, advertising/ investing in new treatments etc and find it hard to delegate tasks to others as I like to be in control completely.”


“I want to build on the success I have had so far. I want to learn how to create a solid marketing plan that will be successful”


“I think we’re good, but we want to be better in all aspects of business development”


“Would like to invest in new treatment areas but unsure which one to pick”


“I need to get my business going!”


It was also very interesting (and a little worrying) to see that over 50% of respondents are generating less than 50,000 per year in revenue, and half of those are struggling to generate just 10K per year for their efforts. I dread to think how much personal income is left over when the bills and expenses have been paid…

Current Annual Turnover of Respondents:


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The core focus of my forthcoming workshops will be to address the biggest pain points shared by all registered attendees.

If you would like to attend and have YOUR challenges placed at the forefront of the agenda, you can register your interest for free by clicking the link below.


Pam Underdown

Pam is a business coach, trainer and mentor working exclusively to help medical aesthetic practice owners attract more ideal patients, increase profits, improve efficiency and develop sustainable and profitable business assets. To learn more about Pam's business growth workshops visit:

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